Residential / Commercial

The damaging effects of solar radiation can easily be felt on a hot, sunny summer day standing in a south-facing window.  Customers contact Tint Shop Plus every day looking for solutions to uncomfortable heat and glare, as well as faded interiors and furnishings.  Tint Shop Plus provides those solutions with aesthetically pleasing lifetime-guaranteed window films.

Residential and commercial window tinting provides a number of benefits to address a multitude of needs.  The benefits are in fact so great, it may be costing you money by not having professional window films installed.  Professional window tinting at Tint Shop Plus can provide you with:

  • Enhanced beauty and aesthetics on your home or business and privacy where you need it
  • Improved comfort by reducing heat, eliminating hot spots and providing more even temperatures throughout
  • Glare control which greatly reduces eye strain, improves your view to the outside, and removes the glare from tv and computer screens
  • 99% UV A and B blocker making the natural light safe for your skin, and reducing sun-fading and damage to your interiors and furnishings
  • Money savings with energy-saving rebates as well as lowered energy costs

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